Significance for the business

Green Key Picture 9

Lots of customers prefer a responsible business that has done an effort to protect the environment. Many companies and public administrations prioritise the environment when choosing a place to stay or booking a conference centre. And choosing a Green Key company also has a number of positive side effects.

There are many good reasons to choose a Green Key business in connection with meetings, seminars, conferences or others events.

  • The company is environmentally responsible by choosing a green business.
  • Colleagues and guest enjoy a better indoor climate with less risk of allergies, as a minimum of chemicals are used, the rooms are non-smoking and ventilation is optimised.
  • You are advised on how to protect the environment. If you use similar initiatives in your own company, you can save money and improve your indoor climate.
  • You maintain a high level of quality and service.
  • You follow up on the company’s environmental, climate and CSR efforts.