What can you do?

Green Key Picture 18

Apart from booking a place carrying the Green Key label for your meeting, you can use several green initiatives prior to, during and after the event.

Prior to the event:

  • Send the invitation and programme on environmentally friendly paper or by e-mail. Do the same with the additional materials for the attendees.
  • Send the attendees information on how to use public transport to get to the conference location. • Encourage car sharing by forwarding the participation list.
  • Place the event in a room fitting the number of participants, avoiding the use of more energy than needed. Order organic fruit/drinks.
  • Order ice water in jugs rather than bottled water.
  • Order a certain percentage organic or climate-friendly food.

During the event:

  • Use electronic media like websites or apps, allowing the participants to see presentations, list of attendees, practical information etc. on their mobile phone, tablet or computer.
  • The event folder and its content should be printed on environmentally friendly paper.
  • Place writing pads and pens so that each participant needs to get it - rather than placing it by each seat.
  • Switch on air-condition or heating in the room only if necessary.
  • Avoid the use of unnecessary lighting – dim or turn off all or sections of the lighting during the day.
  • Use only disposable packaging on rare occasions (e.g. at outdoor activities) - and if doing so, order biodegradable products. Give the participants the chance to sort their waste. Ask the venue how.
  • Place sound environmental advice in the event folder.

After the event:

  • Recycle the handed out materials that are unused.
  • Reuse nametags.
  • Turn off lights and, if possible, ventilation or air-condition when leaving the room.