Konventum wants to inspire others to be socially responsible

Become inspired by Konventums CSR focus


Picture: Henning Kjær Hansen, Facility Manager at Konventum

Throughout October, Konventum has been focusing on how they, as North Zealand's largest conference center,  work with social responsibility in practice. Konventum hopes that the campaign will inspire and challenge guests, participants and other businesses to follow in their foot steps.

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"We are a big company where thousands of people come through the door every year. Of course it affects both the company's consumption but it also impacts the world around us. Fortunately, Konventum was established with a high degree of social responsibility, so it has always been natural for us to work with CSR. It is a firmly anchored part of our DNA, our history and our culture here ",  Marina Hoffmann, Managing Director of Konventum & Højstrupgård  explains.