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Hotel Siemsens Gaard

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Hotel Siemsens Gaard offers nicely arranged rooms in a romantic atmosphere. The hotel is set in an old merchant’s house from the 1600 century. The hotel is gently renovated and appear as a modern hotel in romantic frames.

The hotel is idyllically located near Svaneke harbor and at the same time in the heart of the town. Enjoy historic surroundings, nicely arranged rooms, great food and “Kronprinsessehaven” (Crown Princess garden) with the beautiful English roses. Kronprinsessehaven was established in 2006 in occasion of the Danish Queen’s visit in Svaneke and the Danish Crown Prince’s wedding. In the garden you can experience herbs, perennials and the largest collection of English roses in Denmark.

Environmental efforts

Green Key since 2006.



Explore the Bornholm food landscape - a lighthouse in sustainable food. In 2010, Bornholm was named Denmark's first Fairtrade Island and there are many different fair trade products in the island's shops, restaurants and cafes.

"Bright Green Island" - on Bornholm, in 2035 they will be a sustainable and climate-friendly island community, because they believe that a sustainable future for their island is about wisely and sustainably exploiting and protecting the common resources.

Outdoor life and outdoor tourism there are good opportunities in the biodiversity, with the many cycling and hiking trails, and enjoy the beach with the dunes just around the corner.

There are 4 Green Key hotels on Bornholm. 3 in Rønne and one in Svaneke.