Gl. Avernæs Sinatur Hotel & Konference


Det Økologiske Spisemærke

If you enjoy lights, atmosphere, and nature, book your next accommodation at Gl. Avernæs Sinatur Hotel & Conference. The historic buildings with half-timber construction and tower are on a scenic peninsula in the South Funen between the Little Belt and the Bay of Helnæs. In this relaxed atmosphere with unique gastronomic experiences, guests are pampered in modern facilities.

Although Gl. Avernæs Sinatur Hotel & Conference functions as a hotel and conference centre, there is no compromise on the cosy, idyllic setting.

There are views of the park, forest and beach, an idyllic setting for the restaurant and the top-notch meals made from herbs and raw materials from own greenhouse and garden focus on sustainability.

Sinatur was the first hotel chain to receive The Green Key and Organic Ecolabels in bronze, but now has the silver label, which guarantees that 60-90% of all food and beverages are organic.

Environmental efforts

Green Key member since 1995, and part of the Sinatur chain, and the first hotel chain and Green Key member to continuously expand its sustainability efforts.



Funen is called the cycling island because of the 1200 km of signposted cycle routes in the beautiful and versatile landscape. Visit the well-preserved market towns, the 123 castles and manor houses and be tempted by local food and sublime restaurants - all surrounded by a sea of 100 islands.

Odense is filled with beautiful parks, romantic gardens and recreational areas such as outdoor fitness playgrounds.

On Funen you get good ingredients, meat from happy animals, locally brewed beer and wine, characteristic cheeses and exquisite specialties that can be enjoyed on one of the culinary routes or on one of the cozy food markets.

In addition to Odense, which is Funen's largest city, you will find cozy towns such as Svendborg, Nyborg, Kerteminde, Bogense and Middelfart.