When choosing a destination, choose one which protects the area and its population - one which protects its resources and future earnings.

Denmark and its capital, Copenhagen, are great holiday destinations based on their historical and environmental efforts to maintain a green image. 

Here are a few tips:

  • While exotic holidays may be on your bucket list, the more you spend your holiday close to home (e.g. Denmark), the more you reduce your environmental footprint. 
  • Find out if the destination supports sustainability. Get familiar with different labels and certification on the Global Sustainable Tourism Counsel's (GSTC) website. 
  • If you travel to less developed countries, support the local population by eating at local restaurants and staying at local accommodations. By doing so, you contribute directly to the local economy and ensure that those who work in the tourism industry benefit the most. 
  • Another way to support the community is by purchasing locally produced services, goods and souvenirs. Ensure that souvenirs are not made from endangered natural resources such as corals, etc., by asking with your travel agent for more information. When negotiating prices with the locals, remember that the difference in the price of goods and services impacts the seller more than the buyer. 
  • Do not visit places such as parks and zoos where animals are mistreated. Be careful when taking photographs with medicated, ill or sedated animals.