The use of transport cannot be completely avoided, so when choosing a mode of transport, choose one which has the lowest negative impact on the environment.


Try a few of these tips:

  • Muscle power is better than engine power, therefore, transportation by foot, bike, or canoe is more environmentally friendly than motorized transportation. It is also healthier and allows you to enjoy a more authentic experience
  • While there should be room for exotic adventures, holidays closer to home or in your own country will reduce your environmental footprint
  • Public transportation is more sustainable than private transportation, and trains are better than busses. If you rent a car, rent an environmentally friendly car, and plan your route to your destination so you consume less fuel. The scenic route is often more enjoyable and memorable than the highway
  • Ferries, ships and boats can have a negative impact on the environment. Several cruise and ferry companies are now focused on using sustainable, environmentally friendly energy, such as gas and electricity. The benefits are significant - less air and noise pollution
  • Air travel is undeniably the mode of transportation with the most co2 emissions. When flying, avoid layovers by booking a direct flight. You save time, energy and effort. Choose an airline which focuses on the environment and has new aeroplanes which reduce the impact on the environment.