Choose green hotels and accommodations

When choosing a hotel or accommodation you should choose one that makes an effort to take care of the environment and their surroundings.

  • The best benchmark is if they’re eco-labeled with, for example, Green Key, which is the international tourism's eco-label. These different labels verify that they’re serious about taking care of the environment and that they’re being controlled by experts in the field. Be aware with different labels, some can be ordered directly online without checking and audit.
  • Read about the accommodation on their websites. Does it look seriously and trustworthy.
  • Contact them and ask for their effort in sustainability.
  • Some search engines can search for green and sustainable accommodations - either by clicking on a checkmark or by viewing information about the hotel itself.
  • If you book through a travel agency, ask them about the accommodation's environments efforts.
  • Praise, be loyal and reward those who make an effort and select them again for your next stay. It makes them do more.