It should not be expensive to profile one’s environmental efforts and very often the membership fee of Green Key has often paid off in the form of a yield due to increase in revenue or a reduction of costs.

The annual membership fee for Green Key is kept low compared to other eco-labels in the market.

Adjustments of fees from 2020 up until 2022

Green Key’s fee has remained almost unchanged since its very beginning, more than 20 years ago. There is a need for adjusting the fee so that it can cover the costs of the label and match the its value and content.

Going forward, the fee will be at kept at the same level as that of the remaining Nordic countries and still be leading in terms of price compared to other eco-labels of the industry.

  • From now on the price of an annual base fee is kr. 6.000 (raised to kr. 6.500 in 2021 and kr. 7.000 in 2022) plus the room fee of kr. 40 in 2020 (raised to kr. 43 in 2021 and kr. 44 in 2022).
  • The existing chain discount of kr. 3.000, for chains defined by have the same management and more than 4 units, remains the same.
  • A discount of 10% is introduced to members of HORESTA.
  • For conference venue the fee is adjusted according to size at the price of kr. 5.000, kr. 10.000 and kr. 15.000.
  • There is a start-up fee of kr. 7.500 for new certified Green Key members.

VAT not included.

Fees for camping sites

  • Contact the secretariat in HORESTA

Fees for the sports facilities

  • Contact the HI (Halinspektørforeningen)