You and your colleagues are vital for the environmental work of your business to be successful.
The aim of the Love and Reduce Campaign is to remind your colleagues at your Green Key labelled business about what they can do to protect the environment in connection to their work. The campaign may also be relevant to other employees who are involved with environmental and sustainability efforts.

The campaign consists of a number of posts that can be used strategically at the workplace. It is recommended that efforts are initiated or followed up by staff meetings. It is also a good idea to run the campaign for a limited period of time and then initiate similar campaigns once a year.

The Love & Reduce Campaign focuses on:

  • Reduce - Minimizing consumption and waste
  • Reuse - Reusing materials for other purposes and ensuring proper waste management
  • Rethink - Reconsidering the way you do things to be able to optimize the procedure and enhance the environmental efforts additionally.

These environmental efforts can be initiated in various areas such as reduction of water and energy consumption, food waste, chemicals and plastics as well as using more environmentally friendly products and materials.

Green Key labelled businesses have exclusive access to additional campaign material including records, sheets and presentations here ...

Download Love and Reduce Campaign Material here