Why Become Certified?

Nowadays, guests are requesting all the more environmentally friendly alternatives and products. There is not only a focus on sustainability and environmental efforts, but also an interest in how to act sustainably and an importance of transparency towards the public. Currently many companies have strict standards in regards to choosing eco-certified accommodation and conference facilities for their activities, and regular guests are also following that trend. An eco-certification is therefore not only an competitive advantage on the market but it is also for meeting your guests demand.

Through an eco-certification a business can improve their environmental efforts and stay on top of the game with new technology, information and knowledge. By improving the environmental efforts it is possible to save money, lower the use of resources and avoid additional fees. This means that you are not only making an effort for the environment, you are also improving your own business.

Why Green Key? 

Green Key is the most widespread international eco-certification with the most hotels certified in the world. The local Green Key departments make sure that local standards are followed which makes the certification program well adapted to all parts of the world.

Green Key's policy is that an eco-certification should be affordable for all. Therefore prices are  kept low compared to similar certifications on the market and there is no fee for applying to get certified. The structure of the application process is also kept simple e.g. avoiding advanced calculations, all to simplify the process of applying.

Green Key's certification criteria is created by the industry - for the industry. We understand how it works and have created the criteria with the guests experience in mind, nothing should compromise this.

Once certified, your business has the possibility to be marketed in Green Key's marketing channels. Guests are also able to search for Green Key certified hotels on sites such as Hotels.com and Konference.dk

 Green Key is a strong and continuously growing eco-label. Through a certification you will be a part of a large community where ideas and improvements are shared and discussed. Green Key will also provide you with guidance and help with your environmental efforts.

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