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    Sustainability in MeetDenmark's strategy 2020 to 2023

    08 April, 2020

    MeetDenmark has set ambitious goals for sustainable tourism in their joint strategy for 2020 to 2023. One of the goals is that all members must be environmentally certified.

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    Survey on heated terraces in France

    06 April, 2020

    Since some municipalities in France are preparing their election campaign – especially Paris – a new issue is surfacing: the ban of heating systems on terraces. GNI asked all its members to know their habits concerning heating terraces in hotels, cafés and restaurants in France.

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    New sustainability emblem for 11 Danish restaurants

    06 April, 2020

    When it comes to sustainability, Denmark came out on top with 11 restaurants getting Michelin’s new green clover, a symbol for chefs who have taken responsibility by preserving resources and embracing biodiversity.

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    Green Restaurant - a new ecolabel for restaurants

    01 April, 2020

    In the light of the immense success of Green Key being in more than 60 countries with more than 3000 certified companies in the hospitability sector, HORESTA believes it is time to create an ECO-label for the gastronomy industry as well.

  • VDKUndersøgelseGK-110320.jpg.png

    One in every five hotels in Denmark is Green

    11 March, 2020

    VisitDenmark has made its first report on Green Key hotels in Denmark. The report showed that one in every five hotels is a Green Key hotel, which provides tourists, who value green solutions, with great opportunities for sustainable stays in Denmark.

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