When choosing a travel company, choose one which works to minimize the environmental impact and protect travel destinations.

  • Your travel agency can help you leave a positive impression when you travel. Find out what initiatives the company offer that take the environmental, economic, social and cultural aspects of your destination into account
  • Find out if the travel agency has a corporate social responsibility policy, a sustainability certification (e.g. ISO, Travelife, etc.), or if they have any sustainability experience.
  • Ask if it is possible to pay CO2 compensation for your flights. Rent environmentally friendly cars. Stay at a hotel with an environmental certificate, which hires local employees and provides proper working conditions for them
  • Book direct flights when possible and avoid layover to save time, energy and effort.
  • Check if the travel agency has aeroplanes or if it collaborates with airline companies that have new aeroplanes with a low, negative impact on the environment 
  • Check your travel agency's website and find out about its environmental efforts. Is it trustworthy? 
  • Before booking, ask about the hotel and its environmental efforts. 
  • Be loyal and reward companies that make an effort to minimize the environmental impact and use them again.

When you praise their efforts, they will be encouraged to do more for the environment.