Milling Hotel Gestus

Milling Hotel Gestus in Aalborg is a cozy hotel, with a good atmosphere and a smiling staff who are ready to welcome you. The hotel is only a few minutes walk from the bus- and train station and therefore has a completely central location in Aalborg. The hotel is close to Aalborg Zoo, Aalborg Theatre and Aalborghallen that offer larger concerts, shows and fairs.

Environmental efforts

Part of Milling Hotel's environmental efforts and the hotel received the Green Key in 2022.


North Jutland

The northern part of Jutland is full of unique nature experiences and viewpoints with stunning views of the ice age landscape, heather areas and white sand beaches. Here is also the attraction Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, where you can experience innovative solutions to renewable energy, and the Museum of Sustainability and Supply - MOSS, the cultural-historical museum with specialties within the people of Vildmosen, Møller and Jyske Å's history.