Ruths Hotel

Ruth's Hotel is a historic hotel in the Højen district of Skagen in the far North of JutlandDenmark. Named after its founders, Emma and Hans Christian Ruth, who opened it as Badepensionat Vesterhus in 1904, the establishment has now gained a reputation not only for comfort but for its French Brasserie restaurant said to be Skagen's best.

Environmental efforts

The hotel is in the process of building staff accommodation for a total of 60 employees. Throughout the construction process as well as the finished result, emphasis has been placed on sustainable solutions, for the benefit of both employees and the environment.

Ruths Hotel has a long tradition of taking active responsibility to ensure development that benefits the company, employees and local environment as well as the hotel and restaurant industry in general. At Ruths Hotel, there is an ambition that quality must be reflected in all aspects. In this context, it is also a goal to further develop our efforts in relation to being a sustainable player in the hotel and restaurant industry, thereby contributing to a CO2-neutral tourism industry.

In order to ensure a structured framework and measurable processes for the sustainable efforts at Ruths Hotel, Green Key certification has been chosen as a management tool.

It is in continuation of decades of efforts to ensure responsible business operations and a specific focus on quality that Ruths Hotel continues to work on efforts to ensure sustainable development.


North Jutland

The northern part of Jutland is full of unique nature experiences and viewpoints with stunning views of the ice age landscape, heather areas and white sand beaches. Here is also the attraction Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, where you can experience innovative solutions to renewable energy, and the Museum of Sustainability and Supply - MOSS, the cultural-historical museum with specialties within the people of Vildmosen, Møller and Jyske Å's history.