Wakeup Aarhus

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Det Økologiske Spisemærke

Wakeup Aarhus is a smart, modern budget hotel located in the centre of Aarhus. It is close to restaurants, shops and the main station. There are 315 rooms. Each has a flat-screen TV, desk, air conditioning and free Wi-Fi.

The new Wakeup Hotel in Aarhus is the perfect choice if you want affordable accommodation in Aarhus’ city centre. Wakeup Aarhus is similar to other Wakeup hotels in Copenhagen with clean lines, minimalist design and high quality.

Environmental efforts

Green Key member since 2018 and part of Arp Hansen's overall environmental efforts.

Wakeup's environmental concept benefits the environment. The hotels use LED lighting, key cards and sensors which limit energy consumption. All four hotels sort waste for guests and staff, minimise the use of linen and towels, reduce the use of plastic, and purchasing high-end organic food.


Aarhus and the area

Being Denmark’s second city, Aarhus is the centre of a region filled with dynamic and creative cities, unique countryside scenery with a beautiful national park not to mention world-class art and cultural activities. And we are happy to share it all with you. In the cities of the region, historical surroundings set the perfect scene for a creative and vibrant town life with exciting attractions, shopping and ample opportunity to get a taste of Danish cuisine based on fresh, locally produced ingredients.

Furthermore, the region holds amazing natural scenery as far as the eye can see: 360 km of unspoiled, blue coastline and white beaches frame the magnificent and ever changing landscape with lakes, streams, forests, hills and an endless number of breathtaking lookout points.

The city holding the prestigious title as European Capital of Culture 2017 has led to the cultural scene in Aarhus and the Aarhus Region being at its strongest ever. This attracts visitors from all over the world and puts Aarhus in the lead as Denmark’s number one tourist attraction outside of Copenhagen in terms of geography and tourism turnover.

About 60% of the rooms in Aarhus are eco-labeled after Wakeup Aarhus has received Green Key.