Survey on heated terraces in France

Since some municipalities in France are preparing their election campaign – especially Paris – a new issue is surfacing: the ban of heating systems on terraces. GNI asked all its members to know their habits concerning heating terraces in hotels, cafés and restaurants in France.

Only 44% of French terraces are heated – 75% of them in Paris. The choice to get a heated system is taken based on clients’ demand – therefore, mainly on two criteria: low energy expenses and eco-friendly solutions. 60% of the adopted systems belong to the radiant heating type, which rapidly overheats and does not burn oxygen (very low carbon emissions). In 2/3 cases, these radiant heating systems are placed in “close” terraces, with awning and/or screens to avoid energy waste. Moreover, 24% of these establishments are signed green energy contracts.

Or course, these heating systems are used only on cold months – from October to April – and only 10% of French terraces are heated during the whole year. In most cases, these systems are turned on upon clients’ arrival (40% of cases) or demand (47% of cases).

French establishments believe they are making reasonable use of these heating systems on terraces and 78% of them are inclined to reject a ban. Many of them think they could lose clients if terraces are not heated anymore. Moreover, the only alternative solution is blankets.

In 1/3 cases there is a licence-fee to get the right to install heating systems on terraces.