You will of course always clean towels, linens and rooms. However, in many cases laundry is washed which are not dirty or spent. When washing and cleaning we use very clean water and chemicals that pollute our groundwater. Electricity consumption in the production will increase CO2 consumption and packaging increases the amount of waste.

Fortunately, washing machines use less water, electricity and detergent. At the same time the products haves become more environmentally friendly, they are better dosed and attempts are made to reduce packaging including with more concentrated products. But it does not change the fact. Less laundry means less impact on the environment.

Why do we save on soap and shampoo?

We use energy, water, plastic and various natural as well as unnatural substances to make soap, shampoo and other grooming products. Some products contain chemicals and fragrances that damage the environment and may give you allergies. The package provides waste and production of the products increase the CO2 footprint.

Fortunately, processes and resources become more environmentally friendly and as a Green Key business we do an effort to minimize waste and packaging. In some places, we use containers for soap and shampoo to avoid or reduce packaging and at the same time you get the exact amount of soap or shampoo that you need.

Other places where there is soap and shampoo in small packages, you can use it one or several days if it is not empty. Some sites collected soap and shampoo and reused in other areas, and more places are making efforts to use more environmentally friendly packaging.

We save towels

To reĀ­duce the use of detergent, water and energy we give you the possibility to use your towels an extra day. If you wish not to reuse your towel, please leave it on the floor for replacement.

As a Green Key hotel, we make special efforts to preserve the environment. We use more environmentally friendly and environmentally labelled cleaning products, equipment and procedures, so less chemicals and water are being used.

We reduce waste from soap and shampoo

We make it easy for you to save soap and shampoo and reduce waste. To save soap / shampoo and packaging we give you the option of either using soap / shampoo container (dispenser) or use disposable soap / shampoo an extra day. Put the soap / shampoo in the sink or trash can if you want replacement and open only the products that you need.

As a Green Key hotel, we make an effort to care for the environment. We use more environmentally friendly and eco-labeled soap and shampoo products, and we try to reduce packaging.