We sort the waste in the room

We want to make it easy for you to sort your waste. Please place  cans, plastic and glass bottles beside the waste bin in your room and used newspapers, paper and batteries on the table. We'll do the rest.

As a Green Key business, we make special efforts to preserve the environment. We sort waste into ‘regular’ and ‘environmentally harmful’, so that as much as possible gets recycled and does not harm the environment.

Why do we sort the waste?

We sort waste, because we want to protect the environment. In the future, there will be more people on the planet, who will leave more waste, and we have a lifestyle that produces more waste. We need to think differently if we want to reduce the amount and impact of the waste.

Fortunately, we can reduce, use and reuse waste. The more we sort the waste, the more can be recycled. Newspapers become recycled, returnable bottles used again and batteries emit no mercury in nature. Food waste is transformed into biogas and waste that can´t be sorted, is burned and gives energy used to heat our houses.

Sorting waste also ensures that you, we and those who retrieve are not hurt when handling the waste.