Horsens City Camping

Horsens City Camping is a cozy campsite and relaxed atmosphere. The campsite sets the framework so you can have the best holiday - filled with experiences and fond memories.

Right in front of the square we have the area's best and most child - friendly sandy beach. Here is the jetty and of course the Blue Flag from the Outdoor Council.

The beach has room for everyone - the wide sandy beach or the grass in front of the square provides good opportunities for both play and sunbathing.

Inside the square we have a wide range of facilities and the latest is a large covered and heated pool

As an angler, in addition to the beach, you will also find an attractive place where it is possible to catch several different kinds of fish directly from the shore. You can also put on your hiking boots or find your bike and take a walk in the beautiful nature that surrounds the square.

Environmental efforts

Environmentally friendly camping since taking over the site in 2008

Horsens City Camping aims to reduce the environmental and CO2 footprint.

The campsite was the first to replace all oil boilers with wood pellets and heat pumps. From the beginning, they have replaced all light bulbs first with energy-saving bulbs and now soon everyone has replaced them with LED bulbs throughout the site.
So even though the camping site has increased the comfort, the lighting and the number of buildings etc. have they still managed to lower their electricity consumption.

In 2021, Horsens City Camping will establish a swimming pool where the focus is on keeping the environmental impact down. Therefore, the pool is heated with heat pumps, and extra insulation is provided in the ground around the pipes that transport the pool water around the system. In addition, the pool is covered, which also means that less energy is needed for heating, especially in the low season.

Waste sorting is of course also something that is important to Horsens City Camping, and the site sorts in at least 10 fractions, paper, cardboard, glass, metal, beer cans, soda bottles, batteries, small electronics, bulky waste, food waste, grass waste (compost) and finally residual waste. (household waste).


East Jutland

East Jutland offers you a wonderful combination of fertile landscape, expansive forests, sandy shorelines and bustling big cities. 

The green and hilly landscape of the region was formed by the glaciers of the last glaciation. Valleys, gorges and deep fjords were all carved by the flow of glacial melt water.

You’ll find that East Jutland is easily accessible and full of varied, outdoor experiences. It's also home to Denmark's dynamic second city, Aarhus, Mols Bjerge National Park, Samsø and Vejle.

But you also find Søhøjlandet with Silkeborg and Skanderborg's lakes and forests as well as Legoland in Billund.